Rural Business Management

There are times when a farming business arrives at a cross roads.  Often it is helpful to have an independent, outside view that allows the family or business partners to stand back and assess the business and its future direction with perhaps a little more objectivity than might otherwise have been the case.

We are able to offer that review taking into account each partner’s aspirations, focusing on a wide variety of issues such as:

  • Enterprise mix.
  • Financial and physical results being achieved by the business and their bench marking against industry norms.
  • Available and potential resource base including land, buildings, machinery and staffing.
  • Trading and balance sheet position including an analysis of any rent and debt.
  • Potential grant funding.
  • Options for expansion, change of enterprise and diversification incorporating cash flow forecasts and where applicable, advise upon build costs, sources of finance, marketing, supply and demand, return on capital and rental values.