Welcome to Peter Skinner & Associates – Rural Business Management

Peter Skinner and Associates has evolved to provide a comprehensive package of timely and practical advice to meet the many and varied challenges facing our West Country farming businesses.

These challenges will throw open a whole host of opportunities for those who are willing to adapt.

It is our sole aim to advise and guide our clients through what can often be seen as a mountain of regulation and bureaucracy.

Key to our approach is that the “one size fits all” generic approach is wholly inappropriate.

Each and every farming business is unique. Unique in terms of land ownership, the land itself, location, enterprise mix, buildings and the family’s aspirations to name but a few factors.

Our philosophy is therefore to adopt an individual approach specifically tailored to meet our clients’ needs and aspirations.

We offer a variety of integrated professional services designed to meet the needs of our rural business clients in the West Country.